Top 1+motivational stories in English,Life-changing story

 motivational stories in English, Life-changing story

Whatever our relationship is, every relationship has its own value but the parent-parent relationship has no value and it is a priceless relationship and there is no account of it and the parents always want that our child wellbeing and a wonderful relationship motivational stories in English


motivational stories in English, Life-changing story
motivational stories in English

Father’s mother, he never wants our child to be involved in any wrongdoing. He always wants that he was a poet by the name of U. The king was very devout in his meeting, he used to give very little to the scholar who ever used to give him. The king also used to spend them for living and he also used to listen to his poems and his teachings when he came to the court of poet Kaviraj. So as king respect, he has a paan of inspiration.

He was a pundit among those poets who was a great scholar but his boy turned out to be a better poet even though that boy was aged 17 to 18 but his poetry was very sweet, poignant and educative when I rule in the court When he heard his poetry in the court, the king was happy to see his age and would welcome him by giving two paan trees and give one

motivational stories in English, Life-changing story

But many pundits who gave Satara, who was 18 years old, to this child, were jealous to see that their father was very happy in his heart and also worried that this is still a seventeen eighteen year old child. 25 years of Gurukul have not been completed with such a big heart that its intelligence should not be filled with many pride and it should not do any wrong thing and its progress and its progress will be stopped. Spiritual learning too

motivational stories in English

This child has studied Sanskrit a little empty and has learned a little literature, according to him, if the intellect becomes a guest poet, if it remains in the same respect, then its progress and its progress will stop, if more respect is received then humans will not Pride comes in and due to arrogance, he regains arrogance, which means that he has to fall again, which motivational stories in English

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At the time, his boy swelled more than he thought, he swung and came home to tell his mother, if his father was sitting nearby, his father would not be proud of this, saying that this boy is very stupid, he does not understand that gathering I believe in mine because of being my boy and others respect you, because you have got your own honor, because of me you get respect, you have respect and not your honor, you can advance your learning and respect this, motivational stories in Englishstory in Hindi

Life-changing story

You have a little knowledge in the affair, but you are not even worthy of the best honor, what is it, the boy of tomorrow does not know anything, but his father wanted him to be sharp in saying that he was excited in his enthusiasm Make the effort to increase learning more than learning by listening to the father’s mind and motivational stories in English

He continued his studies in such a way that for two years and victory one day the poet became a great poet. The king sometimes called the poets. Many great and great kings were also present in that court. The greatest poet in that court was considered the same boy. Gaya and he received a great respect and honor in this poet’s court, the king also placed an award that in today’s court, a great poet will emerge.

Raja will also abuse him. A new house like prize was also given an enlightened amount of money. That day the boy thought that today I will go home and tell father that this is my honor, motivational stories in English

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That is your honor, thus he had an ego in his mind, he went home and happily went in front of his mother to show his respect and said, Father everyday calls me idol and insults me. It seems that my motivational stories in English

Father does not bear my respect. See how much goods I have brought today. I have come with respect. His mother started saying that no matter son, I am your father and say only for your good but do not understand this. This bond of value makes a man blind and the wise to the wise

motivational stories in English

In the end, when the time came to come, it was only then that he started telling him that father, father, today I have brought this respect with so much respect. Hearing the words of the type boy, his father was worse than before

motivational story

motivational stories in English

And said that you are a fool and I have not seen a fool more than you, I have not seen all this work done to corrupt your intellect. It is in you that you are getting why why why you are boasting now that I feel like you have nothing to do, you do not know that you are my country, as motivational stories in English

As much as the Mansi was bloated, the father lost his heart in the same way, slapped accused poles in his heart and understood that my father could not bear my honor, he has such a thought that it is not my father, my enemy This is what happens when someone wants to explain to us, we do not think it beneficial and we feel like an enemy as others respect my honor and in the same way my father also does not like my mind and

motivational stories in English

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I am not able to do this, I have not received this much respect from the court and I am unable to bear my honor,

it has come in the mind of the son that I am getting so much respect,

in the mind of sister-in-law even outside this It is said that my father did not get as much value as I can get,

so my father is irritating with me and is unable to bear my mind, this kind of intelligence, his boy did not get the right amount of respect from his father. Nine of nine 

motivational stories in English

People honorarium if an 11 people 11 people do not give respect to a human, then he knocks inside and it used to knock his sister-in-law over his father that he would accept me but my father would not accept me when the boy got the right amount from his father. if not found in value came into his heart to father food and sit and sit down I will sit on the roof when the father roof to eat motivational stories in English

the motivational story

At that time you will be sitting under the skylight of the roof and will fall from the top of the heavy stone skylight and will kill my father. So how proud is the pride that the father gets, the person gets respect due to the relationship, he silently sits on top of this idea, he made it seem that the father’s motivational stories in English

Freed from the condemnation, he went out of the house, that is, he has run away, his father, who came to the house from Raj Kavita Raj court, the mother of that girl came that you have condemned your son so much from this morning. He has gone and he has not even had food till today when his mother told about running away from the boy’s house, father did not know that you are foolish, you do not know motivational stories in English


I have a son, I do not know what is good for him, I do not know who will be good for my son, if from now on he gets caught in the affair of Salman, his progress will stop, progress will stop. You know that How much I jump in his mind, how much inside I feel happy that my son is not getting the respect I am getting at a young age, I am very motivational stories in English

Happiness is there and I am not able to express that happiness out of you. You too keep your mouth and that too is foolish. I only know how to handle my son and how to handle him by teaching him how to make some progress. To be fulfilled then both of us will be most happy when we reach a higher position and have not learned anything in it yet, when the father said so, the same boy motivational stories in English

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While sitting Roshan was listening on the terrace, he felt as if someone on top of him thought that my father was thinking so well of me and I went to kill him. I could not understand the Sai Baba inside them, I was raised in respect, what I wanted to create inside myself, my father and I could not understand these motivational stories in English

This kind of sentiment formed in his mind, now how

I appeared in front of my father, he went and fell at the

feet of his father, and the father’s father is really a fool, even a foolish great fool, tell me the punishment. Tell me about the sentence, he said that I had thought of killing my father, then you said that you are the father. You were the first motivational stories in English

Now you have also been proved tangible, you still do not know how many types of death occur as if you believe in more demand than life, you believe in a bigger value than the father, such death is also one to one bigger. how to say how Dad explained that the value to the largest death no matter how rich, but does not have any respect Treat him dead so that insulted thou shalt abasement karela boy said a motivational stories in English

I do not even respect the king, how do I insult father, I tell you to work, you go to your in-laws’ house, I write them a letter, you go there and work for a few days when you get an honor, you will get a job where there is an honor Go write in the letter and you have to take care that I am doing his in-law’s job there motivational stories in English

A1 life changing story motivational stories in English

Everyday there will be humiliation, if I break my mind, then it is worse than death. Your will be yours to pick up from him, this death will not happen, due to which you will understand once you die. He said, “See, my father is very wise. There are those who are saving me from death and also washing my sins and teaching me, the boy went to the in-laws house with the father’s letter, after going to the in-laws a few days he was welcomed like a son-in-law later motivational stories in English

Said look, we have to raise a bird here for millet, we give a scaffolding in the field, now you go to the field, blow the birds of our fields, the first job was given to him. Also kept writing nearby and the fields of others were also there, the boys of those farms used to recite poetry and the boys would give them inspirational story,

A1 motivational stories in English

He gave them so much iron while telling them, the boys started saying that you keep reciting this poem to us, we will only keep guarding your fields. He was going to have a child of his family, his in-laws said that you are responsible for the expenses and the motivational story of ₹ 500 for this motivational stories in English

Necessity is said from anywhere, where will I get it from? So he said, go to the prince here, he has the most money, with him, by mortgaging your item, bring the necessary money. He thought that I have someone else does not object, but I have a poet I am composing a treatise which I pledge myself until this book will not be promoted when should not give back upto me king there my treatise motivational stories in English

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And till then I will not preach it till I give his money to him, you thought so, he went to the king and said that Maharaja should keep this verse of my scripture off and you will kindly give me ₹ 500 till you Let’s not give back ₹ 500, I will not propagate this book. The meaning of Chalo is such that no work should be done immediately because of the motivational stories in English

The action that is done in the enthusiasm

of the nature of indiscreet means without thinking is the home of the ultimate calamities which a man works by thinking with discretion, he gets all the wealth of the assets, then Shlok of his kind in Sanskrit. But now, without thinking about it, the conscience tells him to understand what it is like, whereas in the indiscriminate, it is not understood like what it is like and something else is not understood, the king said, “Okay” So motivational stories in English


It is good that after reading it, he thought that we are the king, in case of anger on anyone anywhere, we wield the sword, so keep this sloka in the beginning of the sword in the mind, when the sword is drawn, first think of this folk as it falls. Be attentive for this, just think a little, do not work like this, kill someone else without thinking, use your own conscience, the king put Vaishno in the sheath of the sword and gave him ₹ 500, came home with ₹ 500 and he motivational stories in English

His family gave birth to his family, he gave birth to a son. He told his in-laws that you should do whatever the son is supposed to do without sacrificing your belongings. At that time it was the state of the Muslims. were far will be fighting court in Kabul King reached commanded to find the war zone with access to participating king of Gujarat Kathiawad army 5 years motivational stories in English

On the other hand, Heera could not come and when he went into battle, Aja’s boy was 6 years old and when he was about to return, it was 5 years and 11 years old, then the king’s mind came that I have not been away for so long I can see my son, how much I have grown and see the queen, how I live, so I keep quiet and go in the mail and see how the queen stays in the palace. The window of discussion on the mail was opened, it seems that motivational stories in English

I started to see that my children, what kind of person they are, what the king looks like, that the queen’s bed is on which two people are sleeping, two people are sleeping, one queen and the other one will be suspicious in her mind that my queen will have another person Sleeping within the king, Shanka’s partner went along with the dress and as soon as he got angry, the sword should be taken out, both of them will blow their heads again. I will come to mind as soon as this

story motivational stories in English

When it was removed, the form containing the verse came out and fell on the ground, bringing in the meaning of the verse of this letter, the king thought that

I should not hurry with a little discretion, he took out the sword but did not fork them and the sheet The child who had left the chadar medicine started

crying and started crying. The king thought that this is my son’s uncle, the king put him in a sword sheath and started laughing. The queen started to say that we were scared and

Thought that a robber of going to dakua 11 came. There is no need to fear the king. The army is standing below. Now that king started thinking in seclusion that if it was not a form of sloka, I would behead both of them and then in that state like me. Who would have been a foolish fool, my whole family would have been ruined and now it becomes useless,

he realized that the shlok of that Pandit ji saved me a huge amount of money, so now what to withdraw ₹ 500 from that Pandit ji,

A1motivational stories in English

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And there, in the mind of that Pandit poet came that the king has come,

thinking that I had paid his road to him, he went to the king thinking that now I will please give my verse from here and give me back Now I will publicize it and now take this

₹ 500 from you, what was Raja to take back ₹ 500 and gave it

₹ 500 and he gave it to Mara, what is the matter with me,

You should have taken an interest of ₹ 500. You gave me ₹ 500.

The king narrated all his stories to the poet Pandit,

how this shloka saved my family from being destroyed,

thus I am indebted to you and I am very sorry for this. If he came back to his house after atoning the insult of me and his father, it is so much that it is sometimes a very famous Sanskrit poet, sometimes it was motivational stories in English

A1 story

 It is  written that Kiratarjuniyam is a big book, read and study the great poet and understand from him what is the point of learning in the story, do not immediately do any work to achieve happiness On getting hurt a little, a person’s heart gets filled with respect and does not respect the elders and he understands that the elder should be ready to kill him even if he walks wrong in us 

It is as if a demon in the form penetrates us in such a way that we do not think anything and get ready to do things without thinking, sometimes even outside,

his father preached that no matter how much respect you get,

but You should not have pride in him and death is not the body that dies

Death is the one in which our honor should be respected, our honor is our death and no one should do any work without thinking on the roof without thinking, little motivational story 

There should be a sense of conscience,

there should be a little conscience,

or else the whole work gets spoiled,

so through this story, we should also learn that the relationship is all-important but the

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