A1 + motivational story in English | A true-life peace

A1 + motivational story in English | A true-life peace

Will you be my life partner? Will you
marry me? As soon as Vijay says this, Sangeeta kept on looking at him and she could not understand what to say.
She never thought that Vijay had
any such feelings for her . He never thought that she
would marry Vijay, for many years both knew each other.

motivational story in English

motivational story in English
motivational story in English

And two with right to have spent much time whenever
Sangeeta would have needed a shoulder to always side victory
remains Sangeeta little joy from every small and big suffering large
that share the victory in this strange city
them The friendship was very deep when Sangeeta used
to tell Vijay
when she got into a relationship and even when she had a breakup, she would express
grief from Vijay itself.

Friends, this was not his first breakup but his heart was broken this time too

Knowing all this, when Vijay got married in front of Sangeeta today, Sangeeta was also surprised
returned to her chamber from the office canteen without finishing her copy and without saying anything to Vijay , no effort was made to stop her.
The same questions were coming to Sangeeta’s mind again and again that she should accept Vijay’s words and
ignore him.

A1 + motivational story in English || A true life peace 

Friends were blisters on Sangeeta’s feet while walking on the hot sands of the desert
and in the search for a dead relationship, Sangeeta had been wandering alone since then
. get
Sangeeta’s mother childhood itself died from this world stepmother abuse and pressure so
that keeps her father did not love me

motivational story in English

Thus passed the parents without childhood Sangeeta
when he found life opportunities of their manner of living
there has come to color vision in the eye in the metropolitan Mumbai
looking at him being her true love and life partner
must be completed

motivational story in English
But whenever he felt like he had found his true love, then the next
moment he turned into love lust thus today when Vijay
is standing in front of him as a true love then why is he not accepting her
mind? I sat down smoking cigarettes to solve the ongoing confusion,
slowly the whole pack began to fade, but instead of the arthritis opening in this smoke, she started
thinking about her past when she did
MBA from her small town Patna in this sparkling Maya city. Came to Mumbai from kafi day

motivational story in English
know Vijay but she cannot love Vijay
Vijay is very close to her heart but does not love her there
Vijay is her best and true friend Sangeeta’s first love is
Piyush she is the depth of heart And she
was crazy about him

A true life peace

She was so mad in her love that she had stopped caring about the world. She had
a dream of getting a life partner.
When Sangeeta looked at her, she would drown in her eyes
that loveless things would make Sangeeta crazy.
He did not realize when he was robbed, and by the time he regained consciousness everything was robbed

motivational story in English

And he had gone when he said, Sangeeta, I love you,
but I
can not go against my parents and play with you as soon as I hear the storm in my life.

Piyush was her first love,
who had lost Sangeeta, at
that time there was only one Vijay
who supported
her in difficult times .

motivational story in English

All this thinking, Sangeeta started feeling suffocated,
Sangeeta’s eyes were far away from sleep
before Sangeeta was never so frightened in the night,
in this desert Mumbai, there was silence all around
in the day, full of tumult in the day or the city sleeping in Yamini’s lap. Had
stayed away from Sangeeta’s eyes but the
mood was stirred in her mind

motivational story in English

It was after infidelity Sangeeta had decided
that now he never will not go to anyone’s love
, nor would trust any
Sangeeta own these lying ahead with ideas
knock Ayush name on the door only if his heart
was And once again

motivational story in English

Opened the heart of the heart,
but this time she was very careful.
Gradually, Sangeeta began to feel Piyush’s
love is not physical but it is also wrong to think that in
reality Ayush’s Lakshmi was to get her body

motivational story in English

Ayush was looking for an opportunity, when Sangeeta came to know about her reality
, both of them parted ways
and this time someone again went
after infidelity with Sangeeta , after her breakup with Ayush, he had to fight her in such a way
that he was cigarette And drown myself in alcohol

motivational story in English

Due to this, she could not work properly in the office, at
that time, she was busy too, who
removed Sangeeta from this difficulties, then Sangeeta’s respect for Vijay
increased in her heart as well as Sangeeta’s love in one corner of her mind.

motivational story in English

Whom she wanted to bury because she does not lose Vijay. She considers herself
worthy of it. That is why Sangeeta has
not said anything to Vijay yet. After Aayush’s departure from
Sangeeta’s life, Chirag is once again in Sangeeta’s life. Spring came out

motivational story in English

Knowing all her truths, Sangeeta wanted to adopt her, the offer was
rejected as Chirag was afraid that he would have to leave
Vijay along with his past forever but Sangeeta did not
want to tell him in a relationship with any condition and Anyway there is no condition in love

motivational story in English

Sangeeta was not ready to lose Vijay under any circumstances,
then today when Vijay wants to be her forever,
why should he say no to marriage?

Motivational story of a true jeevan santi

Vijay was simple to look at, but there was
such a situation in his words that he did not consider his complexion in front of him, then
when someone put a hand on Sangeeta’s shoulder, Sangeeta looked back
and Vijay was standing and throwing cigarettes from Vijay Sangeeta’s hands.
Said Sangeeta, I told you not to smoke cigarettes

motivational story in English

And you Vijay could not even finish his talk
that Sangeeta started crying and crying herself, Vijay, you go away from here,
I cannot marry you, you owe me a lot
but just not anymore

the motivational story in English

Because you also know Vijay and I also know
that I hear Vijay saying things
you do not deserve, while pulling him towards you, how did you think that you do not deserve me?

vest motivational story in English

You were heartbroken with all of them, nor were their intentions wasteful,
which made your body muddy. See, Sangeeta is the
most important thing for marriage. To be devoted to your soul mate is to be
faithful and who you are.

As soon as this was said, Sangeeta
collapsed in Vijay’s arms , after wandering so much today, Sangeeta
had found the right life partner.

motivational stories in English,

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